All attention gets focused on members of YG Entertainment’s new girl group Baby Monster

Even before YG Entertainment announced its upcoming girl group, Baby Monster, many K-pop fans have been directing their interest to the rookie group that will come out of the agency behind the biggest K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK.

There have been rumors of Baby Monster’s debut for a while, and YG Entertainment confirmed the girl group’s debut with an introduction video.

Starting two weeks ago, YG Entertainment revealed live performance videos of two members – Haram and Ahyeon. Ever since the announcement of Baby Monster’s debut,  many fans have been collecting information about the members and sharing them with various online communities.

Ahyeon – Korean, Born in 2007

Canny – Thai, speculated to be born in 2009

Haram – Korean, born in 2007

Dain – Korean, Born in 2008

Asa – Japanese, speculated to be born in 2005 or 2006

Prita – Thai, speculated to be born in 2005

Ruka – Japanese, speculated to be born in 2002

Korean netizens commented, “I’m disappointed that there are more foreign members than Korean members,” “YG is failing,” “I feel they’re going to have a lot of skills,” “They don’t have a visual member as pretty as Dara or Jisoo,” “This is a K-pop group, why is there more foreign members?” “Wow, born in 2007, I’m born in 1992, I’m like their aunt,” “To be honest, I’m looking forward to this group because they were impressive with their live singing,” “I don’t think visual matter if they have crazy performance skills,” and, I think it’s too early to be disappointed.”

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