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Iris Yamashita
Iris Yamashita

Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Iris Yamashita will talk about her debut novel “City Under One Roof,” in a virtual presentation hosted by Chaucer’s Books, 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 16.

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Yamashita was nominated for an Oscar for “Letters From Iwo Jima.” In her novel “City Under One Roof,” a stranded detective tries to solve a murder in a tiny Alaskan town where everyone lives in a single high-rise building.

When a local teenager discovers a severed hand and foot washed up on the shore of Point Mettier, Alaska, Cara Kennedy is on the case. A detective from Anchorage, Kennedy has her own motives for investigating the possible murder in this isolated place, which can be accessed only by a tunnel.

After a blizzard causes the tunnel to close indefinitely, Kennedy is stuck among the odd and suspicious residents of the town, all 205 of whom live in the same high-rise building and are as icy as the weather.

Kennedy teams up with Point Mettier police officer Joe Barkowski, but before long the investigation is upended by fearsome gang members from a nearby native village. 

Haunted by her past, Kennedy soon discovers everyone in the town has something to hide.

Yamashita has been working in Hollywood for 15 years, developing material for both film and streaming. She has taught screenwriting at UCLA, and is an advocate of women and diversity in the entertainment industry.

A California resident, she has also been a judge and mentor for various film and writing programs.

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