Entertainment reporter YouTuber Lee Jin Ho claims that an idol-turned-actor caused a family to break up

Suspicions have been raised that a family was broken up after the wife had an affair with an actor who was a former idol.

Former entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a video titled, “The private life of a famous celebrity A, who used to be an idol” on his YouTube channel on January 9. In the video, Lee Jin Ho explained he received information about the latest suspicions of infidelity from the husband himself.

Lee Jin Ho included the video of the interview with the husband who claimed that his wife had an affair with a famous celebrity who used to be an idol. The husband explained, “The celebrity sent my wife messages like ‘I miss you’, ‘let’s go drinking’ and ‘Let’s meet more often. He even called her every day.”

The husband then explained that he found out that his wife used to date the celebrity before they married and claimed that the celebrity intentionally approached his wife again even though he knew she was married.

The husband continued to claim, “My family has fallen apart. My wife took our son to her parent’s home. It’s been months since I saw our kid.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Ho revealed the name of the celebrity and the details of the affair in the latest video which is causing much commotion.

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