Prince William used ‘banter’ to downgrade Prince Harry

Prince William used banter to downgrade Prince Harry
Prince William used ‘banter’ to downgrade Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Prince William 2009 interview was analysed by a body language who pointed out eyebrow-raising-worthy signs during their talk at Defence Helicopter Flying School near RAF Shropshire.

Body language expert Judi James told Express that the interview had signs to show the start of the “breakdown” two brothers.

“The playful fun was clearly an aspect of their time spent together but this clip of them as grown men exchanging banter could also show signs of how the breakdown came as the result of years of sibling rivalry,” Judi said.

“Harry is now a young man and seemed keen to appear as a bit of a hero deserving respect and maybe talk about his experiences on the frontline field of battle,” she continued.

The now-Prince of Wales looked “keen to use banter to relegate his brother to the schoolboy state” as a “parental/elder sibling.”

She explained: “He interrupts Harry and keeps up relentless banter about things like how messy he was when he lived with him and how he ‘snores a lot.’”

The banter, Judi noted, seemed “knife-edge skill that needs constant monitoring to ensure it’s not really hurting or going too far.

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