‘Spare’ compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf

Prince Harrys book Dianas revenge:  Spare compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf

Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, has been linked to Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ by a journalist and author.

The Duke of Sussex’s book may not be everybody’s cup of tea as it’s being compared to the controversial autobiography to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

A.N. Wilson, journalist and author, tried to draw the comparison in an interview on Times Radio on Tuesday, saying that whilst he wasn’t suggesting Harry is “as bad as Hitler”, reading the Duke’s Spare is “like reading Mein Kampf” 

Wilson explained: “[It’s similar] in that Hitler thinks he’s a great hero, and you put the book down with absolute disgust. And you do put this book down with total disgust at the self-pity, self-indulgence of this character.”

And yet, in the end, it was with Wilson that many Twitter users expressed their “total disgust”.

The author claimed the Meghan Markle’s husband Harry’s book is “Diana’s revenge, and Villain is Camilla.”

The Duke’s memoir has surely inflicted hurt on the Royal Family as Harry has made several bombshell claims about his father Charles, brother William, stepmother Camilla and sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Yahoo News political correspondent Nadine Batchelor-Hunt – who is herself Jewish – added: “How is my country dealing with the release of Harry’s book, you ask?

“Well, we’re less than 24 hours in and there are people comparing it to Mein Kampf on national radio.”

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