UPUA Funds Distribution Of Arts And Entertainment Brochures, Revises Elections Code

The 17th Assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Association met yet again Wednesday night for its weekly general assembly meeting. Four new at-large representatives were confirmed, while legislation supporting funding for arts and entertainment information brochures was passed.

Following short reports from President Sydney Gibbard and Vice President Carter Gangl, the 17th Assembly addressed its old business.

Old Business

The only piece of old business on the agenda was the confirmation and swearing-in of Sanjana Devarakonda as the executive director of finance.

The assembly took a short caucus break and then moved into new business.

New Business

The first order of new business was the confirmation and swearing-in of four at-large representatives, Fletcher Port, Ben Lindgren, Rik Bhattacharyya, and Raaheem Khondaker.

Next, the assembly moved on to discuss Policy Change #04-17: Revised UPUA Elections Code 2022-2023. The revised UPUA Elections Code was reviewed and edited to condense the code and amend it as the assembly saw fit.

The last issue addressed was Bill #32-17: Funding for the Printing and Distribution of Arts and Entertainment Brochures. UPUA, in collaboration with the Student Programming Association (SPA) liaison and the Performing Arts Council (PAC) representative, will allocate $230 to create and print brochures providing information to current and prospective students about SPA, the PAC, the Center for the Performing Arts, the School of Theatre, and the School of Music.

Bill #32-17 passed.

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